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I danced ballroom in my teens, and progressed to rock ‘n’ roll / line dancing in 1994. I taught children from 5 -18 yrs old, for 9 years for the Westland Rock ‘n’ Roll Club  in Greymouth, New Zealand and also went into various schools to teach rock ‘n’ roll or line dancing for short terms. Competitions helped improve my dancing from 1996. After performing in 7 Operatic Shows, I joined a group of girls who formed a Can-Can troupe for a year, entertaining for functions.  Other dance classes I enjoyed were Salsa for a year and a little Ceroc.

I moved to the Gold Coast, Australia in 2005 and LOVE the lifestyle here.  For Wintersun 2009 I teamed up with Dave Gera and taught a workshop (drops and props). I have competed in a few competitions here (winning a Silver medal in the Masters Games). The dancing scene has allowed me to make many friends, and I look forward to making many more. Being a very patient person allows me to enjoy teaching private lessons, especially at beginner level. Ocassional teaching for Heartbeat was also a pleasure.

Other styles I dance are Modern Jive, Swing and West Coast Swing, but Rock ‘n’ Roll, Line dancing and Partner Fun dances are my favourites.

In September/October 2010 I was asked to judge a small dancing competition in Brisbane which I enjoyed.

I was Treasurer for the Gold Coast Rockers 2010-2011. I was Entertainment Officer responsible for booking the bands and organising demos from November 2011 until November 2014.

The best fun was being a Rock ‘n’ Roll Teacher was on the Cruise Ship “Rhapsody of the Seas” in April 2011, which gave me a love for music cruises,  and I have enjoyed a few more since then. We love the music cruises like Rock the Boat and Cruise n Groove.

In November 2011, I started work in the travel industry as Receptionist for The Travel Studio at the Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters, which I loved.

I also booked bands for the Kirra Sports Club for  the first half of 2013 for their rock n roll nights, and ran dances there during Cooly Rocks On for 4 years until 2016.

Editing the gig guide takes up a lot of my spare time, but I like it to be accurate so take care to get it right. I appreciate being informed of any errors.

I taught Rock n Roll classes for Gold Coast Rockers in 2021 to help them out, but have retired again.

Covid has changed the world, and the dancing and entertainment world has taken a big hit, and for a while there, there was not much happening at all. Now in 2022, we have adjusted to a new normal, with last-minute changes to bands/dances as people come down with Covid, but we're starting to get out and about more as we learn to live with it. Sadly, some bands have disbanded as they're not getting work, and there is more work for solos or duos.

I have retired from my job in March 2021 and enjoying taking life a bit easier. I've enjoyed relaxing at home a lot more than I used to. I will keep the gig guide going, more as a hobby than anything, to help out the entertainment and dance industry.

I have a lot to look forward to,  with three grand-daughters and one grand-son to spoil, and am reading more and crocheting and knitting again.

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Ran MY OWN dances:

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2009 - variety dance


I started producing the gig guide to email friends mid 2009, and it’s just grown and grown. I enjoy doing it and want it to be available to everyone, AND I WANT IT TO BE THE BEST IN QUEENSLAND, WHICH IS WHY I PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO IT.